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Our Services

Price Accounting LLC provides tailored outsourced bookkeeping and general accounting to meet each client’s specific needs.

Accounts Payable

Entering invoices and paying bills, monitoring purchase orders and matching them with invoices when they are received, coding the invoices with the proper general ledger information and obtaining approval for payment, ensuring all bills are paid in a timely manner, processing credit card payments and maintaining a petty cash account.

Accounts Receivable

Preparing and sending invoices, ensuring they are entered into the proper accounts in the accounting system. Customer statements are prepared monthly, sent out and customers with past-due invoices are contacted to make payment arrangements.

General Ledger

Entering information into and reconciling basic general ledger accounts. Other services include assisting CPA firms with detailed journal entries and month-end reconciliation as requested. Simple journal entries are entered as needed to keep all accounts balanced.


Preparing bank deposits of payments received from customers and other sources, entering the payments into the accounts receivable system, reconciling monthly bank, credit card and loan statements, researching and correcting any discrepancies, processing credit card payments from customers and handling wire transfers.


Maintaining employee timesheet records, processing regularly scheduled payroll checks or direct deposits, preparing and filing all required quarterly payroll reports, preparing year end W-2 or 1099s.

Financial Statement Preperation 

Providing regularly scheduled financial statements including Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statements, Statement of Cash Flows, and Trial Balance Report.

Audit Preperation and Reporting

Preparing federal and state government forms including  workers' compensation, pension or retirement accounts reports. In addition, organized records are maintained and any documentation requested for auditors is provided.

QuickBooks Training

Providing hands on, one on one, customized QuickBooks Desktop and Online user training from set up, to day to day operational and managerial usages.

The Benefits of Price Accounting, LLC

The benefits of hiring Price Accounting, LLC for your bookkeeping service are numerous.  Here are just a few:

1. Never Pay A Bill Late

Running a business day to day is time consuming, and sometimes the little things are left undone. Not paying a bill is one of those mundane tasks that can result in major consequences, and it's important to delegate this task to someone with the skills and time to oversee paying company bills. Price Accounting LLC  excels at this because that's our job and we’re good at it!

2. Track Multiple Income Sources

If you're a small business owner who loves the big picture aspects of operating a business, you probably dread the detailed accounting required to maintain the business. Landing a contract is fun and rewarding. Opening a software program, creating invoices and entering payments received are miserable if you don't care for the details. Hire Price Accounting LLC and we will take care of those tasks for you. We use the latest technology to make the process as efficient as possible.

3. Payroll

You may be the only employee now, or perhaps you're in a partnership. Someday your business may grow to include more employees.  Price Accounting LLC is a great option for handling all of your payroll needs. We’ll take care of all payroll functions including making the required federal payroll tax deposits in a timely fashion to avoid late fees and penalties. We will also prepare all quarterly payroll reports, and prepare W-2s or Form 1099-MISC for each employee or contractor for tax purposes.

4. Reports

Many small business owners don't know the true financial state of their business. If you don't analyze your finances and stay on top of them, your business is sure to fail. Having access to critical financial reports is crucial, and bookkeeping services generate the reports you need as often as you want them. Most businesses require financial reports on a bi-weekly basis, but some need one weekly, and a very small business may need reports only once a month. Whatever frequency you choose, a bookkeeper will prepare the reports for you so that you can see where your business stands and prevent problems from occurring.

5. Avoid Overdraft Fees and Additional Interest Payments

One duty that is often delegated to a bookkeeping services is bank reconciliation. Don't rely on your bank statements to give you an accurate picture of your financial bottom line. Price Accounting, LLC  will handle your accounts payable and accounts receivable and enter the information in your financial software so that you know what your real balance is. You won't make the mistake of writing a check for more than you have available, which can result in an overdraft fee and additional interest on outstanding debts.

6. CPA Coordination

Preparing federal and state government forms including  workers' compensation, pension or retirement accounts reports. In addition, organized records are maintained and any documentation requested for auditors is provided.

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